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Not Landfills

Who are we?

We are Pettis County citizens that have come together to preserve and protect our community.
We are working to maintain the environmental well-being of the La Monte and Sedalia area.
Our hope is to keep it from becoming the landfill enterprise area. With recent development plans, 628 acres would be allotted to waste in the home of the Missouri State Fair. The economic development of Pettis County is growing more than ever, and by adding another landfill within 6 miles of the current one, will only stunt that growth. With two large landfills in our community it will not only hurt the economic growth, but also pose health and welfare threats to the community.
Please consider joining us to keep Pettis County beautiful and sustainable.

Money is needed for community outreach to ensure Pettis County residents are informed and incentivized to take action to help protect our land from being a waste enterprise area for the state. Your contribution will help us ensure that everyone knows the truth and dangers so they can be informed based on facts, not one sided, green washed information

Payable to: Pettis County First LLC
Address: Wes Lazenby
20129 HWY T
Lamonte, MO, 65337

Video Presentation

Public Meeting Flyer

Potential Effects of the Landfills

PETTIS COUNTY FIRST with Interstate Commerce included and ordinance authority

Legal Issues

Proposed Pettis County Host Agreement Draft 1

Solid Waste Management Order Draft 1

Landfill Before After

PCF Update Feb 26, 2022

Larry Claycomb - Editorial


Public Information Meeting Feb 23

Updated Proposal 2 - Solid-Waste-Management-Order-Draft-2

Citizen Letter to Commissioners PDF

Citizen Letter to Commissioners - EDITABLE

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